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Unoraptormon Saga

Dedicated to the Uno-verse & its creator, JHH Spears


An ongoing series of informational entries

Project Update


Alrighty, so first, BOOK:

  • Chapters 1-8 are ready for the next round.
  • Currently editing Chapter 9
  • Looking for Beta Readers for the final round
  • Looking for a Professional Editor
  • Saving up for publication.
  • Gonna write articles and make posts with the links from World Anvil.


  • Trex Animation is finished!
  • Elmo the Pig Origin Animation is finished!
  • Beach illustration-digital is going
  • Beach illustration-traditional is going
  • Waitlist is available for inquiries.

Next we go CARTOONS:

  • Cartoons now have titles!
  • Science Sillies is scripted up to Episode 5.
  • Ripley the Raptor has the first Season scripted.
  • I will be looking for voice actors as soon as I can afford them.

Take a quick look at COMICS:

  • Starcrossed Warlords will be shifted to a graphic novel.
  • Mostly written story with occasional comic pages
  • The Rouge & The Paladin will be shifted in a similar fashion.
  • All other comics are currently on the backburner until other projects are done.

Then, we got PODCAST:

  • Season 1 has 2 episodes left.
  • Season 2 recording starts in July.
  • Looking for potential guests, but you have to have a good sense of humor.
  • Uploading on Anchor, Rumble, and Odyssey.

Lastly, we got TWITCH:

  • streaming every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday @ 1700 CST
  • Working on the June Bug Art Challenge.
  • Trying to finish some games before starting more.
  • Last day of the month is a movie night on my Discord.
  • You have to be apart of the Twitch channel to get in the Discord.

I think that is everything at the moment. I’ve got quite a few projects going.

Our First Blog Entry

April 30, 2022

Going to use this and Wordpress to announce things. Hopefully it will take.