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Unoraptormon Saga

Dedicated to the Uno-verse & its creator, JHH Spears

Artist Resources

Hello there!

JHH Spears here! 

Being an artist is difficult. New artists may find the task of getting physical goods out to their audience daunting or even overwhelming. Believe me, I've been there for a lot longer than I wish to say. So, I am creating this lovely lil list, with categories, to help artists find places to sell their art or get their art printed. If I ever get sponsored by a place, I will putt a big ol' warning on it, but otherwise, I ain't sponsored.

Print On Demand Shops

Links in this category go to shops that are "Print-on-Demand"

Bulk Order Art

Links in this section go to sites where you can bulk order physical prints.

Shipping Supplies

Link in this section go to site where you can order shipping supplies. This isn't for the art itself, but for the things to put your art in.